Rice Pudding Trifle


100 g Pudding rice
25 g Unsalted butter
50 g Caster sugar
700 ml Whole milk
200 g Custard
60 g Raspberry jam
A few flaked almonds and fresh raspberries for the top
Grated nutmeg (optional)


Choose the SAUTE function and melt the butter with the lid off

Add the rice and sugar, stir through the milk and bring to a simmer


Close the lid and the pressure release valve to closed.

Choose RICE function. Set the time to 12 minutes and choose High Pressure settings. Then press START.

When the rice pudding is cooked, quick release pressure. Remove the lid. Leave them to cool for a few minutes. If you prefer, pop it all into a bowl. Sprinkle with nutmeg and serve.

Making a Trifle

Put ½ of the rice pudding into the bottom of 4 glasses and slightly press it down a bit with the back of the spoon.

Add 5 dots of jam around the edge of each one. Pour in the custard and add 5 more dots of jam.

Spoon in the remaining rice pudding, don’t press it down this time

Top with some flaked almonds and a few raspberries and serve.

Homemade Yogurt


1 litre normal bottled whole or semi-skimmed milk from supermarket
1 sachet of yogurt starter cultures


Heat the milk

Pour the milk of your choice into the inner pot.

Close the lid and set the pressure release valve to close position.

Select “Yogurt”by pressing the button “Functions” . The display will show 83 ºC. Press the botton “Start”. The milk will be warmed up to 71 ºC – 83 ºC.

Cool the milk

After the milk has warmed, the screen will show Cool , Now the milk will start to cool.

Note: open the lid to cool the milk quicker.

Ferment the milk

When the milk cools to about 46 ºC the display will then show “Add”. Add the yogurt starter culture,

Default time is 8 hours. If you want to ferment for a longer or shorter time, press “+” or “-” to adjust the time.

Press “Start”

The screen now display the preset timer and start counting down and the temperature maintains between 36 ºC and 43 ºC.

The screen will show Yo9t when the yogurt is finished.

Add fruit and nuts of your choice and enjoy!

(Optional) Keep a small portion of the yogurt as starter cultures for making your next batch of yogurt.

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